Nisha Ramakrishnan, 27 year old entrepreneur from Mumbai, India, now settled with a flourishing content management, technology, and art expression company in Tempe, Arizona.

Born on the busy streets of Mumbai, India, Nisha Ramkrishna had only two things going for her; her passion for starting something of her own and the consistent never-ending support of her parents in whatever she chose to accomplish. Coming from a family where education and strong work ethics were of paramount importance, this young entrepreneur began her journey long before setting up the now famous, Contoogles Café, well known for its affordable websites for everyone as well as strong hold on the art sales and technology markets. So how did this all happen?

I am no Mark Zuckerberg, but for me this journey started over a cup of coffee and a telephonic discussion with my mother about my dream to finally start something of my own. I had no real idea what it was. All I had was $20 in my pocket, loads of ambition, drive, and creative excellence. This teamed with my family’s love and support, 24 hours later, gave birth to, a website that seemed to pull in business right after its launch. Before we knew it, we were inundated with projects involving everything from creating websites to writing grants; editing and proofreading soon to be launched publications to translation projects for languages from across the world; from writing short stories for novels to helping setup social media pages and networks for existing companies to gain popularity amongst its customers.

So what was it that made us stand out from other great companies doing a lot of the same work out there? One thing. Being human. I never approached a potential client as if they were with me for business. I took the time to really understand the love they had for their business, what helped them start it, as well as what really were the memorable aspects of setting up their dream business. It was only after getting to know them so deeply did we get into suggesting things that might even help take their business to the next level. You have to forget the numbers, the sales, and everything else that management books might teach you. Yes, those are crucial as well, but what truly strikes a chord is when you get to know your people deeper and are able to be as passionate about their business as they are.

So my business which started with only $20 grew into several thousand multiples of it. But did that stop the thirst? Not really. We have embarked upon creating customer service shells and technology support shells for startups and small businesses across the country that cannot afford to hire a call center or have their own 24 hour technical support team. This way they can have their own team to keep in touch with their customers 24/7, while not having to concentrate too much of their budgets on it. We are also very committed towards keeping business local. We hire people in the US to work for clients in the US.

That being said, I have always been an artist at heart and found my expression in creating the soon to be launched art store that Contoogles Café will run independently on a very unique model where both the artists as well as the buyers will find the most economical and interesting marketplace where the best meet the lovers of nothing but the best!

Keep it personal. Keep it real. – Nisha Ramkrishna

You can email Nisha Ramkrishna at, or speak with her directly at 602-692-5423

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